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What are the options if a person has lost one or both eyes due to an accident or illness? What can be done if the eyeball has become sightless, shrunken or glazy after experiencing several surgeries? Nowadays the cosmetic appearance obtained with ocular prosthesis allows complete integration into the usual environment and living one’s life of full value.

Eye prosthesis, depending on the selected material can be made in 1-3 days.

The latest technologies and modern instruments ensure fast production of prosthesis and outstanding durability; depending on the selected material, ocular prosthesis can be made in Valters' Prosthetic Laboratory within 1-3 days. Every prosthesis carries a 2 years technical durability warranty.

Usage of ocular prosthesis is mandatory because they possess not only cosmetic but also medicinal prophylactic functions:

Each prosthesis is unique handwork; it proves the craftsmanship of the specialist and can be compared with an inimitable work of art.


Postoperative Eye Prosthesis

If no complications are observed after the eye removal surgery, ocular prosthesis can be inserted...

Cryolite Glass Prosthesis

Cryolite glass prosthesis makes a reflection like a natural eye and imitates the looks of...

PMMA Prosthesis

Taking into account patient’s individual traits and specific characteristics of the eye cavity, the prosthetist...

Ecto Prosthesis

Ecto prosthesis is an orbital prosthesis, to which artificially made eyelids are attached to cover...

Eye Prosthetics For Children

Working with children gives us the greatest satisfaction, and a child’s smile encourages us to...

Use And Care

Before inserting or removing the eye prosthesis, wash your hands carefully, prepare a rubber sucker...

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the glass prosthesis fall out from eye cavity and break, e.g., while running or...

Choice of Prosthesis

Unused plastic prosthesis - allergic reaction may occur - surface of the prosthesis becomes dry. PMMA prosthesis after...