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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the glass prosthesis fall out from eye cavity and break, e.g., while running or walking on the street?

No, it is impossible, because the tone of eyelids is sufficient for keeping the prosthesis stable in its place. If the eye prosthesis is chosen correctly and no significant eyelid defects are present, it will not fall out even by sharp movements.


Is inserting eye prosthesis painful?

Inserting, removing and wearing eye prosthesis is completely painless.


How to attach the glass prosthesis to the eye cavity?

Eye prosthesis is easily slipped into the eye cavity, and pressure of eyelids keeps it in place.


Should I keep the eye prosthesis in water during the night?

It is strictly forbidden! If the ocularist or oculist indicated removing the eye prosthesis for the night, it must be kept in a dry place.


What happens, if the eye prosthesis is not replaced in due time?

The maturity term for using ocular prosthesis is 2 years. The surface of prosthesis, which is not replaced in due time, is not perfectly smooth, and therefore it irritates the eyelids and eye cavity and may cause inflammation and consequential complications afterwards.


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Use And Care

Before inserting or removing the eye prosthesis, wash your hands carefully, prepare a rubber sucker...

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the glass prosthesis fall out from eye cavity and break, e.g., while running or...

Choice of Prosthesis

Unused plastic prosthesis - allergic reaction may occur - surface of the prosthesis becomes dry. PMMA prosthesis after...