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Use And Care

How to insert and remove ocular prosthesis correctly?

Before inserting or removing the eye prosthesis, wash your hands carefully, prepare a rubber sucker suitable for the prosthesis and clean handkerchiefs and eye-drops (if recommended by an ocularist). Eye prosthesis is inserted and removed while sitting at a table covered with a soft cloth, e.g., folded towel. Put a mirror on the table in front of you.

Inserting of Prosthesis

Removal of Prosthesis

How to take care of the eye prosthesis correctly?

The prosthesis must be used constantly. If you need to remove the prosthesis for the night, it must not be left in water or disinfectant liquid. Prosthesis must be washed manually in warm boiled soapy water; no alcohol can be used for washing. Postoperative prosthesis can be left in and eye-drops can be applied directly on the ocular prosthesis.

While using an ocular prosthesis, personal hygiene is to be strictly adhered to. If necessary, eyelids must be wiped along the lower eyelid in the direction from temple to nose. Close your eyes while washing face. Usually it is recommended to perform an eye prosthesis care procedure once in 2 weeks.

When the prosthesis is in the ocular cavity for considerable period of time, it irritates the conjunctiva and may cause inflammation. Seeing an ocularist first is mandatory in all cases of eye cavity mucous membrane illnesses.


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Use And Care

Before inserting or removing the eye prosthesis, wash your hands carefully, prepare a rubber sucker...

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