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Suction Cups can be purchased in our Laboratory.

Price EUR 4.24


Suction Cups


While using an ocular prosthesis, personal hygiene is to be strictly adhered to. Ocular prosthesis must be cleaned regularly. If the person does not clean ocular prosthesis, it becomes dull, rough, dirty, increasing secretions in the eye socket, causing inflammation of the eye socket and generally making it difficult use.

There are specially designed devices for the removal of the ocular prosthesis  - suction cups, which greatly facilitates patients daily use and care of the ocular prosthesis. The suction cup is used for decades and have become the industrys standard for the patients as well as the ocularists around the world. Suction cups can be used for the insertion, removal and centering function of the ocular prosthesis.

For cleaning the Suction cup use clean water and soap. It should be stored in a clean, dry place. Suction cups time of usage is 1 year.


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